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International Direct Selling Educational Institute

IDSEI is the first and only established knowledge institution for the Direct Selling Industry. Comprising a network of international experts, the IDSEI academic board is responsible for the continuous study, assessment and development of information acquired from and for the industry over time.

By using an online platform, IDSEI has quickly made a global impact, reaching audiences from North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa and all from different areas of the industry such as: Independent distributors, Direct Selling Companies and their employees, Industry Suppliers (i.e. Service providers, trainers/speakers, manufacturers), Government agencies, Media and Industry activists.

IDSEI operates from its headquarter in Dubai, UAE.

Certified Network Marketer Course

Through this on-going process and collaboration, IDSEI has developed an elite-standard global curriculum – an accredited program that has educated and certified over 20,000 Network Marketers and Direct Sellers to date. Certified Network Marketer teaches students to embrace the past, live the present and focus on the future by learning the basic fundamentals of the industry’s practice and how to adapt and benefit from changing times and trends.

Over the years, IDSEI has become an empowering home for every professional of the Direct Selling industry, through professional Certified Network Marketer course and certificate – a place that instills confidence and pride in your knowledge and experience and whose accreditation you can rely on.